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Going Down.
Are you being served, Rebecca Slocum?
Second floor … stationery, leather goods, tribal head injuries, cricket bats, film stars, dolphinariums.
Third Floor … Nasal Injuries Hall, "Other" things, Hypocrisy Salad Bar, Merkins & Onepees. Watch your step.
Fourth floor … kiddies' vasectomies…1
Oh dear sir! Do mind Ms. Slocum's pussy! You know how she hates a fuss about her pussy. Watch your step!
Excuse me madam! You have appear to have left your life-time personal integrity in the elevator!
Oh I see, you don't want it any more. I'll donate it to a charity. (Unless they refuse to deal with fiddly small change.)

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Richard Dawkins sophiticated retort against trivial privileged bints.

Female, ( who looks a bit like Watson), in elevator looking toward ceiling, but seems to be concerned about Richard Dawkin's picture immediately above.
Rev 1.3

[1] Ex Monty Python